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Oracle Card and Tarot Readings With Claire

I am a CATR ( Certified Angel Tarot Reader) and Intuitive Tarot Coach
Readings take place here at Fleet Reiki Room in my dedicated therapy and reading space.

I also offer email readings. These are a fantastic way to receive a detailed and informative reading if you cannot come for an in person session

Also readings may be via Zoom or FaceTime

I have a Facebook Page Take A Peek Tarot click here to visit us. I post (almost) daily cards and pictures info etc. I hope you may come over and like our page.

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A bit about our Oracle Card and Tarot readings

I read using a variety of traditional Tarot decks and Angel and Oracle decks.
As a Tarot enthusiast I have a huge collection of decks . These range from animal based themes , cats, dogs and other animals to Angel and Fairy styles .
I of course have favourites and some of my collection is enjoyed purely for the artwork or meditation and creative writing.
When reading for others I have a few decks that I use . I have an intuitive approach as to which cards to use for each querent.
Sometimes clients may like to choose themselves the deck that they would like to have their reading from.
I read the cards in an intuitive way and help clients unravel things in their lives which keep them stuck from reaching their full potential on their life path.
I do not claim to be psychic or a medium and cannot make contact with passed loved ones or predict the future .
Readings are for guidance and to tap in to your potential for creating the future you would like .
Clients must be 18 years or above .

£30.00 for a 30 minute reading

Angel Cards and Tarot. Tarot Coach

Not Fortune Telling !

Many people associate Tarot and Oracle as 'Fortune Telling'.
They hope to look at what the future holds for them , everyone seems to be fascinated in their future .
In truth Tarot and Oracle decks are an amazing tool to help us tap in to and connect to our subconscious mind.
Often the answers we seek are deep within ourselves.
By connecting to the cards we may gain access to information and learning for ourselves that we never knew possible !
We will be shown choices and realize that we really are masters of our own lives and not victims of circumstance.
We will gain insight not only on how best to proceed , but to our present life and what the past has meant for us.Through the Tarot and Angel Oracles we will become whole and in balance with our true being.

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my own experience with Tarot and angel /Oracle cards

I had a card reading more than 30 years ago , by a very lovely lady who was a natural and very talented medium and card reader.
This particular lady read using a deck of ordinary playing cards.
I was amazed by her accuracy and how in time so much of her reading fell in to place.
I still treasure the memory of that reading on a Friday evening after a busy day at work.
Back then I had never even heard of Tarot cards .
The years passed and I brought up a family with my husband, it was only many years later that I discovered the Tarot and of course Angel and Oracle decks.
I took a keen interest in it all and began to collect decks along the way. I have quite a few now , some of which are my favourites.
Some I use only for personal use and some are just enjoyed for their beautiful and amazing art work.
I began to learn to read intuitively and stop worrying about what each meaning meant in the guidebook.
This is where the real magik happens and the cards really tell us the story we are seeking, our own story.
So more recently I discovered the beautiful angel and fairy decks , with their gorgeous imagery and insightful messages.
As well as readings these different cards may be used purely for relaxation and meditation.
I only have to gaze through the cards to feel a sense of peace and serenity.
These beautiful tools of divination have so much to offer us and their possibilities are endless.
I hope to share a little of their wisdom with those that seek.


My reading was so helpful and really put things in to perspective for me.
I didn’t know what to expect, however Claire soon put me at ease .
Through my card counselling session I was able to make a plan to take my career forward .

Thank you so much ! I was amazed at the accuracy of my reading and you really picked up on how I was feeling about my situation.

I am so pleased with my reading from Claire , she was spot on about so many things .
I had an email reading which Claire sent to me along with a photo of my cards .
I would highly recommend her service

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