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Reiki for Animals. Lottie


I provide mobile visits for pets in their own homes.
Animals are always more relaxed and happy in their own space.
Any animal can benefit enormously from Reiki .
I have had much success with my own dogs, for conditions varying from stress to a slipped disk !
Reiki is in no way a replacement for veterinary care. It can however work very well to complement standard veterinary treatment.
By helping to calm and relax , it can help speed up recovery.
Your pets toys, blankets bedding etc may be charged with Reiki also to bring comfort to your fur family member.This may be especially
useful for times of stress for the pet for instance if they are going to kennels or cattery.
If there is change going on like a home move or new addition to your family. The benefits of Reiki are many and I am exploring the idea of Reiki aura sprays for animals at the moment !

Reiki for Animals. Lilly in garden

Reiki and Elderly Pets

Lily is 14 years old and takes life at a leisurely pace .
Reiki works so well on any kind of animal . Lily loves to have some Reiki when she is being brushed and combed .
Older animals especially benefit from a little Reiki. Sometimes they find life a little more stressful or they may be getting a little stiff in the joints . They love the feel of calming Reiki hands stroking them . If you have a pet that is not keen on being touched then Reiki from a distance is just as beneficial.
My late cavalier Spaniel would enjoy sitting nearby whenever I played my quartz crystal singing bowl . I believe he found the sound calming .

Reiki for Animals. Roxy on bench

Roxy Supervising

Our Roxy relaxing in the sun . Whenever I am working with Reiki and crystals she will be nearby !

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