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Reiki pronounced Ray-Key
Japanese meaning Universal Life Force Energy.
Energy flows through all living things , including us .
Sometimes our energy may become blocked through stress or trauma . This leads to our energy system feeling out of balance and can lead to us feeling tired or generally out of tune .
Reiki gently clears blocks and replenishes our natural energy flow. Regular Reiki helps us to stay in balance with a healthy flow of life force energy helping us to feel vital and well.
Emotional blocks , trapped sadness or anger will be released . In this way we may feel free and lighter . More able to relax and experience joy and cope with anything that we may find trying on a daily basis.
Reiki is something that needs to be felt rather than explained. Most people thoroughly enjoy a Reiki Treatment and the benefits it holds for them.
Sessions take place in my dedicated Reiki Room .

Sessions typically last one hour, however this is dependant on our clients needs. Appointments are not hurried or set to strict timescales.

On a first visit we will go through a short consultation where we can chat about your treatment and you may ask anything you wish to know before your Reiki session.
You may relax , fully clothed on our comfortable Reiki couch.
Calming music is played to help you to relax and enhance your therapeutic experience.

I always begin a treatment by playing my quartz crystal bowl for a few moments as this has a cleansing and balancing effect.
All you need to do is enjoy your peaceful time, whilst I send Reiki energy to you through my hands which I will place on or near you through out the treatment.
Most people find Reiki a deeply relaxing experience.You may find you see colours or feel tingly or feelings of warmth. Some people feel nothing at all, this does not mean Reiki is not working for you.

At the end of the session you will be left to relax for a short time and offered some water to drink.
we will then chat about your Reiki treatment and you may decide if you would like another session.
Some clients find one treatment is all they need whilst others may need a course of three or four.

New for this spring you may like to try a Reiki Sound Healing session.
This therapy combines Reiki and sound to bring a sense of calm and balance .
The gentle sound of bells and crystal chimes combined with the grounding beat of the drum will take you to a state of pure relaxation.
The sound clears blocks and works beautifully with Reiki . This is a very gentle yet powerful therapy .

Prices : £ 35.00 per session Buy three sessions for £ 90.00

Stress relief
Restful sleep
Help with Fears and phobias
Feeling more confident
Having renewed energy levels

Therapies Offered. crystal shere


I have a beautiful collection of healing crystals some of which may be used in your treatment.
A healing grid is made up around the client to cleanse and balance their whole being.
Crystals will be chosen that the person is most needing for their balance and harmony .
This is a deeply relaxing and beneficial therapy to restore energy and well being on all levels .

I always give my clients a crystal of their choice to take away and work with at home

They will intuitively know which crystal or stone that is right for them.

Each client will have individual needs and everyone's treatment will be different and tailored to them.
Price £ 35.00

Therapies Offered. Colour therapy


Colour plays a huge part in our health and wellbeing.
From the clothes we choose to wear to the colour we decorate our homes, all have an impact on how we feel and deal with situations in our life.
I provide a colour consultation to help clients decide which colours they need at a given time in their life.
I also offer chakra balancing sessions , using coloured silks and crystals.
£ 35.00

Therapies Offered. hand massage


This wonderful massage works on the reflexology points in the hand to bring about balance and well being.
Clients always find this massage deeply relaxing .
They can choose to relax on our treatment couch or sit in a chair .
The massage involves the arm and hand ,so please wear a short sleeved top.
I use organic pre blended aromatic oils that smell gorgeous and have a luxurious feel to your skin.
This treatment lasts for half an hour . Some clients like to have a taster session added on to their Reiki treatment .
Price : £30.00 for a 30 minute massage.

Please arrive on time for appointments to avoid inconvenience to your therapist and other clients.
If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please try to give 24 hours notice. Payment by cash or cheque on day of appointment please . At this time I do not accept credit or debit card payments .


This is a wonderful treatment where your arms and hands are massaged whilst you also receive Reiki .
This treatment sees you receiving the benefits of both Reiki and massage .
The treatment lasts 30 minutes and is blissfully relaxing .
Price £ 30.00

Therapies Offered. Orange flower


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